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Short Term Loan

Short term loan is the most common term used for any loan that is repaid in less than a year. Lendiva works with the most trusted short term loan providers in the country. These loans are primarily received via an internet process through a web site. Our web site is 100% secure. If you look in your browser in the upper left corner you will notice https. This assures that the form you are filling out is secure. The details that you enter, although intrusive, are required by all lenders as they use these details to underwrite your loan. No traditional credit checks are run rather alternative checks are made to see how many times you applied for this type of loan and if you ever defaulted. Your lender can fill you in on what services they use.

A short term loan should be used for the short term. They are not for long term use as usually the APR is higher than that of a long term loan. The idea of a short term loan is to use it only when necessary to bridge your finances when needed most. A short term loan can be extremely useful and make sense when used correctly. Lendiva is your source to finding the best short term loan. Fill out our 3 minute application and submit. You will know in less than 60 seconds if we found you a lender. You will be directed seamlessly to your lender’s site where you will see a loan document and their contact details.

Lendiva is a matching service bringing together individuals in need of a short term loan. We screen our lenders daily so you can feel comfortable working with us and submitting your details.