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Policy on Responsible Lending

While online short-term loans can offer you the ease of borrowing within the convenience of your own home, there are significant financial risks when borrowing money. Thus, urges its customers to use loans responsibly.

Below are a few tips for our consumers:

  • Be aware that online short-term loans are real loans and must be paid back within the terms laid out by the lender.
  • Read all the terms of the online loan carefully before agreeing to the loan. member companies are required to provide full disclosure of loan terms to customers.
  • Online short-term loans are like any other loan and come with a fee. If you must extend the amount of time in which you can pay back the loan, the fee will most likely increase.
  • Applying for an online loan requires you to submit personal information including your bank account information. Look for information on the lending website about protection and security of your personal information.
  • Never agree to loan terms you cannot afford. For example, do not borrow more than you can repay in the allotted time frame.
  • Do not use short-term loans as an unrealistic or long-term financial solution.
  • Do not use a short-term loan to pay off an existing loan.

As an OLA member, we ensure that and our lender partners follow specific guidelines.

Please see below of a listing of the criteria we follow:

  • Ensure Consumers are making educated financial decisions by fully disclosing all Loan terms in a transparent and easy to understand way.
  • Give Consumers a chance to change their mind by maintaining a reasonable cancellation policy.
  • Be a company in good standing with the officials and regulatory bodies that govern you. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Never engage in activities that are unfair, abusive or deceptive.
  • Protect every Consumer’s personal data with comprehensive website security and a privacy policy and ensure that your Vendors protect Consumer personal data in the same manner.
  • Provide Consumers with a copy of your privacy policy and an ability to opt out of information sharing.
  • Help Consumers help themselves by providing referrals to credit counseling, education and assistance when appropriate.
  • Use advertising and marketing practices that promote the responsible use of short-term credit services. Do not engage in any false, misleading or deceptive advertising campaigns.
  • Take applications from Consumers and originate Loans consistent with all applicable laws.
  • Ensure that payments are authorized and processed consistent with federal laws and that Consumers fully understand the options for sustained use of loans.
  • Provide comprehensive website security and fraud prevention practices that include timely and accurate reports on loan activity, consumer notification of account use, and validation of routing numbers.
  • Always treat consumers with respect and use fair, professional and non-abusive collection practices. Never use unlawful threats, intimidation, or harassment to collect accounts.
  • Appropriately manage third-party service providers to ensure that consumer information is shared and protected consistent with applicable law.