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Personal Loans

The Papacy Parachute

A golden parachute is most often defined as an agreement between an employer & an employee, most often an executive. The agreement specifies that the employee will receive a benefits package if employment is terminated. By this time I’m certain Learn more

Third Party Parenting.

A heated discussion regarding parenting in today’s world just concluded in the office. In my opinion the family dynamic, for most Americans is antiquated and irrational. This discussion is one based on tangible evidence not morality. I’m not looking to dissuade any Learn more

Centennial Celebration

Its has been said that great buildings don’t dwarf people they enlarge them. On February 2, 1913 one such building opened , and stands today as a national monument, Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It is, by any Learn more

U.S vs Standard and Poor's

The Justice Department has brought a renewed focus to the sub prime mortgage securities that triggered a financial crisis in more then five years ago. The suit charges S&P with providing deceptive ratings to the mortgage securities that underestimated the Learn more

Latest Cooking Tools.

Many families have a kitchen connoisseur, and most families have small children. Each year a new line of food related items are introduced to make our lives more enjoyable. Here is a look at the latest items introduced to the Learn more

Mercedes Benz Reinvented

The City of New Orleans is preparing to host Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, February 3rd 2013. This will mark the 12th time its been awarded the worlds premier sporting event. The game itself will take place in Mercedes Benz Learn more

Avoid Identity Theft and Fraud

Lendiva a provider of consumer loans; various other financial products has compiled a list of ways to protect yourself against cyber-crime. Be cautious with social networking. This includes twitter, online dating services and various other media outlets. Information sharing is a dangerous Learn more

DIY: Building a deck.

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own deck, but were hesitant to tackle such a large, complicated construction project, I’ve got some good news, all you need are some basic carpentry tools and the desire to invest a little Learn more

Increase Fico

Improving your FICO score quickly can be easy if you have a very bad credit score. If your score is well below 600, settling or paying off delinquent accounts will  have a large positive effect on your score. If your score Learn more

Baseball Season is Coming.

The holidays are behind us, the christmas tree and tinsle are long gone, well at least the tree is gone. Your mother in law? thats a different story. Lets get back to basics, a return to normalcy. Normalcy thats humerous, Learn more