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Payday Loans

The Pre-K Effect

Have you seen Portlandia? The show airs IFC — The Independent Film Channel — and his currently airing its third season. Its a satirical comedic sketch show that takes place in Portland Oregon. In a most recent episode Grover,a five Learn more

Sony Release Party

Remember back in the day when video games help the ultimate power over us? No Internet, face book or twitter Don’t worry, this isn’t my PlayStation retrospective, Let’s talk instead about Sony’s much anticipated Wednesday evening event, where most expect Learn more

Upswing for Automakers

A domestic automaker giant reported a 16% sales increase for the month of January. Chrysler Group LLC released a statement stating its one its best months in mearly twenty years. Leading the way for Chrysler was the Dodge Dart introduced Learn more

The Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding.

Picking the ideal siding for your home can be a difficult balancing act between ascetics, durability affordability. Traditional sidings such as wood, vinyl provide one or two of these elements but fiber cement –a mix of wood pulp and cement. provides all three. Yet Learn more

Fort Bragg Banned from Goat Testing.

Not everyone is mad at Congress: Thousands of goats per year will be spared now  that lawmakers have passed a law ending the killing of goats for Army medical  training. For years, Fort Bragg has shot, blown up and otherwise Learn more

Introducing the Phablet.

Just when tech junkies were getting accustomed to smaller tablets and smart phones with all sorts of bells and whistles,along comes the phablet. Be the the first one in the office with the phablet, apply for a payday loan online. A Learn more

Price of Crude Oil Rises.

Brent crude rose towards $111 a barrel on Wednesday after robust U.S. retail sales boosted hopes for stronger demand in the world’s top oil consumer, while oil inventories rose much less than expected. Brent futures gained 22 cents to $110.52 Learn more

Medical Marijuana Debate

The medical marijuana world is a complicated place. In the a municipal election, Los Angeles voters could faced not one but three ballot measures geared toward regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. The first two measures were sponsored by two different groups Learn more

Fracking Bonanza

If there’s been one consistent thread running through the U.S. economic story since 2008 it’s been the steady drumbeat of gloom. Now an unlikely champion for U.S. growth under has emerged, and it has nothing to do with Washington and everything Learn more

National Gun Show Held In the Wake of Newton Tragedy.

One of the biggest gun industry trade shows in America starts in Las Vegas on Tuesday, as President Obama considers proposals from Vice President  Biden’s task force on gun violence one month after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. The Hunting, Learn more