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Bad Credit

The New Face of Facebook.

The much anticipated Facebook phone is imminent, after the network giant announced Facebook Home a customizable home screen for your smart phone. No longer will you have have to download and enable applications to enjoy these services the access. They Learn more

Another Winter Storm

A second major winter storm in less then a week overwhelmed the nation’s mid-west region last night dropping nearly a foot of snow across two states –Missouri and Kansas– and cutting power to thousands. Heavy winds blew drifts more than Learn more

Gun Control March

Thousands of protesters, including dozens from Newton CT.– site of the horrifying Sandy Hook elementary tragedy in December– gathered in the nations capitol.They gathered to voice their opinions just days before the senate will convene to debate the Obama administrations proposed Learn more

Buyer Beware.

At some point we all go through the auto dealer gauntlet. The moment you step onto the lot you are besieged by information and a rabid sales staff; MSRP, financing rates & trade in value are just the start. Many consumers get Learn more

Building Your Brand.

New Jersey Gov. Christie, is among multiple governors with rumored presidential aspirations. Christie has become a symbol of Republican infighting in the past three years, but has amassed a high level of approval within the state of New Jersey. This approval Learn more

Three Ways to Build Equity Quickly

In this economy with so many of our homes are underwater, including yours truly, we should have been presented with a snorkel at closing. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to sell your home you will need Learn more

The Importance of Winterizing Your Home

The holidays are a great time family, food and gifts. Its a memorable time we look forward to each year. You know what else is just around corner? OLD MAN WINTER — the cold, the snow and months of astronomical Learn more