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Cash Advance

Are you looking for a cash advance ? Is there a sudden emergency or unexpected bill that popped up and you aren’t going to be paid for 2 weeks? We know how difficult times are and when your budget is tight, unforeseen events always throw us through the loop.

Why You Would Need A Cash Advance

Sometimes unexpected things occur in our lives and without perfect credit it is hard to get an emergency loan these days. In this economy, banks are less willing to lend to anyone who does not have a clean track record.

A cash advance is meant to be a short term problem solver that simply helps get you through to your next paycheck. It is not meant as a long term solution and should not be treated like one. Interest rates are typically higher than a typical credit card or bank loan because the lender is taking a greater risk.

These loans are unsecured loans that are linked directly to the borrower’s payday. You can get anywhere from $100 up to $1000 in twenty four hours or less. These loans are sometimes referred to as a payday loan.

How To Qualify For A Cash Advance

In order to be eligible for a cash advance until your next payday, you must be at least 18 years of age. You also must have a regular monthly income of $800 a month. The last essential requirement in order to apply at Lendiva is to have an active checking account. This will be how the lender gets the loan to you the next business day.

If you are looking for a longer term loan, you should look in to an installment loan. Short term loans are better. They are quick and easy and simply get you to your next payday. There are convenient repayment plans that are just what you need!

If your car suddenly breaks down or you have an unexpected visit to the doctor’s, cash advance payday loans are perfect for your needs. Even without great credit, you can still get approved. Getting new tires or new brakes put on your car are a costly endeavor. These things come up and then you have to make the changes right away if you want to be able to use your car to get to work. With instant approval and cash in your bank account in twenty-four hours, a cash advance is the perfect solution. Also, sometimes if you or your children get sick, there are unexpected costs associated with your illness such as days missed at works, doctor office fees and most importantly, prescription medication costs.

A cash advance doesn’t always have to be used for an emergency. If you need some extra money in your pockets for someone special’s birthday or just want to get away for the weekend, a payday loan is the perfect fit for you. These loans are perfect for any time of short term need you may have.

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